It's not cool to sleep hot.

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Sleep tight with the breathable, super cool Goodnyte pillow. The fiberfill filling, cotton cover, and temperature regulating fabric keep you cool all night long. The supportive inner core and cozy outer layer provide the ideal balance of comfort and support.

"I'm a very hot sleeper, and this is the coolest pillow I've found."
—Jen G.

Your head deserves a Goodnyte.

A pillow is every bit as important as a mattress. Your head and neck alignment are critical to achieving a restful night's sleep. Our supportive core and comfortable outer pillow creates this optimal alignment. Your head will thank you, in any position you are sleeping.

Inner Pillow

Provides a supportive inner core for your head and neck.

Outer Pillow

Provides a softer, comfortable landing spot.

Temperature-regulating fabric

Outlast® technology regulates heat and moisture.

Super cool.

The combination of our breathable fiberfill material, and our cotton cover creates a cool, ultra-comfortable landing spot for your head.

Balance of Comfort and Support

The Goodnyte pillow is a "pillow in a pillow", providing neck support and better spine alignment than your typical pillow. The fiberfill of the inner pillow serves as a supportive core, while the more giving outer layer adds the perfect amount of fluff. It's like sleeping on a cloud.